AirMaster is a playout application with an unmatched reliability and ease of use that our clients occasionally leave unattended for three days at a time. It’s an intuitive software only automation solution that unites all functions necessary for on-air playout into a single application. It is capable of playlist control, playout device control and database management, therefore keeping the system design as simple as possible.

Control of devices is achieved by using com ports or TCP/IP to com port converters, hence there is not proprietary hardware involved. AirMaster is also handling video servers from different manufacturers on the same playlist. It is delivered with EditMaster, a separate playlist scheduling application, which can interface to traffic applications from different providers. 


  • Includes drivers for 64 devices. There are no fees if user decides to control more devicesAirMaster Broadcast Automation Software
  • Makes a scalable system very easy to install and expand. Installation and set up could take as little as than 10 minutes
  • Controls multiple video servers on a single playlist, even if these servers are made by different manufacturers
  • Multiple redundancy options: 1+1 (mirror), N+1, device only
  • Server crash detection
  • Web monitoring interface – monitor what’s on air using an Internet browser (IE, Firefox…)
  • Drag and drop playlist editing, separate editing list also available
  • Various sound alerts
  • Multiple timers, real time clock and a stopwatch 
  • Manual control and status information feedback for all devices at all times
  • Timer for each device that will put them into play, allowing semiā€automatic control of devices
  • Easy to make user definable folders and subfolders will organize database as needed
  • Database search by various parameters (ID, Description...), supports * wildcard, sorts results
  • Delivered with EditMaster, a separate application for playlist scheduling and manual ingest
  • No proprietary hardware
  • Free updates for life



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