If you are using Odetics Airo control system, you are making errors while making or editing the playlist very often. Dragging and dropping similar house numbers onto the schedule editor can be very confusing. Would you like your PC to check your playlist for errors and organize it for printing? This macro does just that.

After you enter file name it will check for the following errors:

  • If two same events are playing one after the other

  • If two same events from video server play between two tape events (checking only first three letters of description, thus allowing to report an error on having Coca-Cola1 and Coca-Cola2 in the same break)

  • If two tape events that are from the same tape play without a break in between

  • If segmented tape plays in order segA, segB, segC (description must end with A, B or C)

  • If segments belong to the same tape (example: episode 33A, Ep33B, Ep34C, description must end with A, B or C)

It's also adjusting time (changing, for example, 25:00:00.00 to 01:00:00.00), marking tape events and inserts day and date at the top of the list.


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