OnScreen is an application that keys images, text, clocks and crawls using an SD or HD Decklink card. GPI control is also included and is provided by making connection between certain pins on com port. Multiple items can be controlled with a single GPI. For example a user can control a clock and a logo image with one GPI.

Application will also key Unicode text on screen, while clock can work in 12/24 hour mode, as well as in hours-minutes and minutes-seconds modes. Crawls can have transient color backgrounds with various levels of transparency and support for both right to left and left to right directions.

For each one of eight available items user can set layer, fade in and out time, size and transparency as well as color, font and outline properties for text items (clock, text and crawl)
In order to set up the items before sending them to the output, preview channel is provided as well.


You can download the application here or manual here

OnScreen Graphic Software Highlights


  • Keys images, still text, clocks and crawls
  • Includes eight presets
  • User can use com ports for GPI
  • Requires a BlackMagic card. Supports both SD and HD
  • Includes a remote control application
  • Supports Unicode

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