GraphXmaster is a device that keys crawls, EAS messages, tickers, images, text and clocks. Text displayed in a crawl can be entered manually or imported from a file, it supports industry standard Sage CGEN protocol for retrieving EAS messages from an EAS generator, while tickers can be created either with GraphXmaster or by a separately provided application.

Text crawls, EAS crawls and tickers can have transient color backgrounds with various levels of transparency and support Unicode characters and both right to left and left to right directions.

For each one of eight available items user can set layer, fade in and out time, size and transparency as well as color, font and outline properties for text items (clocks, texts, crawls, tickers, EAS crawl). Optionally, each item can be controlled by a timer in a one-time, hourly or daily modes.

GPI control is included and allows control of multiple items with a single GPI. For example a user can control a clock and a logo image with one GPI.

A preview channel is provided for set up before sending to air.
Clock can work in 12/24 hour mode, as well as in hours-minutes and minutes-seconds modes.

Each time an EAS alert has been activated a notification email can be sent to multiple recipients.

You can download a brochure here

Supported EAS generators

  • Sage
  • Trilithic
  • Digital Alert Systems


  • Crawls messages received from an EAS generator
  • Crawls tickers, includes ticker editor (screenshots)
  • Analog/SD/HD, single or dual channel in a 3RU case
  • Sends email notifications each time an EAS message has been displayed
  • Crawls custom messages, input from keyboard or a file
  • Keys images, still texts and clocks
  • Includes eight presets
  • Timer for each item
  • GPI control
  • Supports Unicode


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