AirServer Lite is a Windows based playout automation software solution designed for 24/7 operation in virtually any environment: broadcast studios, remote sites, schools, shopping malls…

Its design was based on professional broadcast video servers so it brings features that you can’t find on other playout software: AirServer Lite includes a database to store metadata (ID, description, duration, note…), searches database and sorts results and also allows trimming and sub clipping of video files. 
It overlays a variety of graphics elements: images, crawls, tickers, clocks, image sequences… Tickers and crawls can gather weather information automatically and display weather reports at preprogramed times.
Beside being able to play a large number of video formats, AirServer Lite allows Live input events on playlist and in combination with Windows Media and Flash streaming AirServer Lite is the most versatile playout automation software on the market.

  • SD/HD playout
  • Supports Mpeg2, Mpeg4 and H.264 files (Mpg, Mp4, Mov, MXF, LXF, GXF, AVI…)
  • Database for storing metadata (inpoint, outpoint, description, notes…)
  • Database search by ID and description, sorts results by ID, description, duration, file type…
  • Monitors selected folders and adds files to database automatically
  • Folders containing available files are organized in a tree
  • Tests for file integrity after a file has been added to database
  • Has trimming and segmenting tool
  • Plays multiple segments on playlist from the same video file
  • Master audio level control
  • Saves audio levels for each clip and automatically sets it at the beginning of playout
  • Stop and Loop commands for playlist
  • Live input by passing video through Decklink card (card must have an SD or HD keyer)
  • Starts playlist events based on time schedule
  • Creates as-run playlist
  • Inserts images on top of video. A separate graphics layout editor application included. Other graphics elements are optional
  • CG
  • crawls
  • tickers
  • clocks
  • image sequences
  • effects: movement, blur, drop shadow
  • Windows and Flash
Supported Decklink cards:
  • DeckLink Mini Monitor 
  • DeckLink SDI (allows Live SD)
  • DeckLink Duo (allows Live SD)
  • DeckLink Optical Fiber 
  • DeckLink Studio (Live SD)
  • DeckLink Quad
  • DeckLink Extreme 3D+ (Live SD/HD)
  • DeckLink 4K Extreme (Live SD/HD) - requires i7 processor and 16Gb of RAM for Live mode
  • Intensity Pro
Minimal requirements:
  • SD- i3 based PC with 8Gb of RAM, Windows7
  • HD- i5 based PC with 8Gb of RAM, Windows7
  • SD/HD - i7 based PC with 8Gb of RAM, Windows7
Note: Decklink card may require a video card to operate properly in Live mode. This is a requirement of Blackmagic Design and is not related in any way to the way AirServer Lite operates.


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