OnLine MCR is a service that provides access to automation and equipment control applications through a web browser. Users can control and monitor on-air automation, ingest channels, timed scheduled ingest lists, transmission equipment, temperatures, relays, tower lights etc. from any place with an internet connection using any device capable of internet browsing.


Regardless of which automation solution a station has chosen, there are always certain requirements that are station specific and could not integrate with the selected automation product. A station can have a unique way of controlling tower lights, it might require twenty timed record lists within the same application or it might need to trigger a sequence of routing switcher commands through GPI inputs.

Deyan Automation is offering cost effective custom solutions, both software and hardware, that will further automate your facility, taking efficiency to a higher level and bringing the operational costs down.

These solutions can work a stand alone software and hardware applications or even be integrated in our current automation products



In a high tech environment like broadcasting getting the right advice leads to cost savings. Deyan Automation is offering its expertise for every step of your project.

We provide consulting services in:

  • Engineering 
  • System design 
  • Integration 
  • Equipment selection 
  • Space planning

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